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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 29, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it's saturday, april 29th. thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we are waking up to mild conditions across the bay area this morning. meteorologist lisa argent has a warm upon the way. >> good morning a. 15 degree spread. no cloud cover and no rain to pick up on. we widen the mer spective. you see the slot of clearing over the western third of the nation. we will see not only warmer weather, temperatures well above average. this is mount tam right now. 62 degrees. contrast that to 43. 57 in oakland. 55 in san jose, 50 halfmoon bay, from the airport, you can see the clear sky there with mid-40s, santa rosa.
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49 in concord. so that wind in the upper elevations, allowing for the warmer temperatures this morning. 50 to 63 through about your 7:00. noontime upper 60s to upper 60s. by 4:00. at the shore line to the mid-80s inland. maybe just as nice tomorrow. i'm let you know. >> lisa, thank you. on the peninsula all northbound lanes in 101 and san mat san mateo. >> reporter: this is a complication with an armed suspect with a firearm. sky 7 overhead moments after the freeway shooting unfolded on the peninsula. a suspect lying on the side of highway 101. the same gun police say he confronted three chp officers
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with. >> the suspect was fatally wounded in the officer-involved shooting t. officers are all okay. >> a witness shared this cell phone video seconds before the shooting and a picture of officers raising their weapons at the suspect. authorities can't say what prompted the man to point his gun at officers. chp laws indicate there may have been a collision involving the suspect's black toyota pickup truck and another vehicle. sean ferry saw the truck near the boulevard exit while he was stuck in commute traffic. >> along the shoulder next to me, a pickup truck drove by at 30 miles an hour. they were even on the side far enough to kick up a lot of dust. >> reporter: but near the highway 92 exit, the man stopped on the shoulder and got out of his truck. police not far behind. it brought the afternoon commute on highway 10 is northbound to a screeching halt. the freeway shut down for hours for the police investigation.
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in the east bay, an investigation continues after a big rig trailer burned on i-680 in martinez. officers said flames came out before it pulled over. crews lad a hard time ge the flames deep inside that trailer. they were able to keep it from spreading. we are learning new details about the woman shot and killed. they described the victim as rosely ni >> reporter: tear gas ends a 19-hour standoff in martinez. the man seen her is suspected of killing a woman as she walked near the lindsay wild life experience. here's where the shooting happened at walnut creek at 1:30 in the afternoon. >> it we heard what sound like a backfire, we were around a park and a church.
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>> reporter: he ran from first avenue, his neighbors saw him cut through an empty lot trying to get home. >> a neighbor asks, what's going on? he says, hi, i'm trying to get to safety from my crazy ex-wife. >> reporter: the victim is 47-year-old roselyn policarp 82. >> we believe they had a dating relationship. >> reporter: her linkedin profile appears to be altered. it calls her a cheating whore. she worked there in the past and co-workers recall her gentle and quiet spirit. police say he was high and armed with a gun and knives before they arrested him. >> we're here to preserve everybody's life, no matter what they do. we want to get him in custody with no one injured or hurt. >> reporter: he was taken to a hospital for treatment before being booked in jail. new this morning, belmont police are warning residents about bug
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lars who rummaged through more than a dozen cars thursday night. police say 19 cars were unlocked and injured in the central neighborhood near alameda. officers say laptops were taken from two cars. police are asking people with security cameras to check them for images of a suspect. bart police have issued arrest warrants in connection with that takeover robbery at the coliseum station. >> that have already arrested one minor. on saturday, teenagers rushed on to a train, stole phones and assaulted passengers. bart officials are trying to physical out why a news blew on a brand-new train car yesterday. it caused major delays t. four-car train was going through overnight testing when it failed. hang now, here's a live picture at sfo, where crews are working to fix and upgrade the
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second longest runway. already the faa is reporting flights are delayed an average of one hour and four minutes. last weekend, passengers were caught off guard by hundreds of delays and cancellations. work will continue nearly every weekend through mid-june, now to aun coulter's latest appearance t. commentator spoke in modest to where supporters and protesters were there to greet her. >> reporter: there is cell phone video of aun coulter speaking at a fund raiser in modesto. nick long was curious what she had to say. >> a lot of immigration what our military is doing overseas. we should be worrying more about our own country. >> reporter: the editor says coulter showed no love for california. >> she doesn't like our immigration policies here or our positions. nor does she like our governor or our senators. >> reporter: throughout the event, supporters and protesters
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stood side-by-side outside the venue. >> yelling at each other. she just stirred up a bunch of mess. >> i agree unless we stand up, conservative voice is not going to have a voice any longer. >> reporter: both sides agreed on one thing, their right to free speech. >> we are all about preserving the first amendment and it's one of the beautiful things about being an american zpli respect and support her right to say what she wants to say. >> reporter: they invited could you tell tore speak and paid her $25,000. the executive director said she was not deterred by the situation in berkeley. >> brkly has nothing to do with us. this is a private fundraiser that we have been planning since november of 2016. >> reporter: she believes it was the controversy that spurred atengs tendance here. -- attendance here. we have details on a landslide in mendocino county. one lane of 101 reopened after
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this massive slide. it started with a few rocks falling and then the whole hill just goes. leggett is about halfway between you kaya and you eureka. this morning the proposed budget is out. it could bring major changes, it includes the gun spotter detection program which would help make up a million dollar deficit. 12 more inspectors would be hired and more than 1,100 blocks of damaged city streets would be fixed. to see the full 537-page proposal go, to our website or the abc 7 news app. lisa, are you keeping an eye on those warm conditions expected later today? >> some areas is pretty interesting along the coast. we drop from the 40s to near 60s.
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the wind this morning, as we look outside from our roof camera, you can see the flag blowing there. it's 61 degrees in san francisco. 63 in napa. 46 in santa rosa. 48 in livermore. all due to that wind. can you see the clear sky. plenty of sunshine, how warm is it going to get? i'll have the details in a few minutes. also ahead, pick your prote protests. it's a traditional day undergoing changes with the political climate. a close calm for a pair of blue angels
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[ music playing ] >> pope francis is in egypt today and spoke to a crowd of 15,000 at a mass in cairo's air defense system. his historic two-day visit comes two weeks after suicide bombings killed 45 people in northern egypt t. pope is scheduled to meet with catholic bishops, priests, nuns and other religious leaders and he will leave for rome later today. another gathering of marchers is expected on monday, thousands will take the day off for mayday. here's abc 7 news reporter leann melendez. >> reporter: mayday was once about the fight over the 8-hour working day.
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today there are many causes over the day of action. the economic struggles of working families is one of them t. international long shore workers union represents those working at the port of oakland. dock workers will walk out on monday and have a rally at the san francisco justice herman plaza. >> make a statement that america is not working for everyone. we need a system and a country that works for all working families, not just the fat cats the billionaires and the 1%. >> reporter:th in south bay, with this large immigrant community, people will voice their disapproval of the wall, which president trump says the country will build to keep immigrants from crossing over the border from mexico into the united states. >> 3:00 p.m. where the bart is. >> reporter: several will joan from a march aimed at protecting the rights of workers and those who feel margealized. >> for us, workers migrant
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struggles. struggles against imprisonment and policing. and see how these all affect the communities. >> reporter: all marche and rallies are expected to be peaceful events. >> happening today in santa rosa, dozens of labor, environmental and justice groups will promote freedom and justice for all. today the event coincides with mayday march for rights in washington, d.c. organizers sa i the march will be a forum for the community to talk about national and global issues. the march starts at noon. good news for late night riders in straemsz san francisco, pressing of muney light railcars will wrap up tomorrow. it has forced riders on the buses. pretty soon, they'll be able to ride in new cars. 23 will arrive at the end of next year. they hope the new cars will be more reliable and comfortable
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than the current fleet. get ready to pay a lot more to start up your car. governor brown signed a new law that raises gas taxes in november. it's expected to generate more than $5 billion a year. here's how you will be affected. the excise tax on gasoline will go up by 12 cents to 30 cents a gallon. on december emthe excise tax will jump 20 cents to 36 cents a gallon and the additional sales tax on diesel will also go up by almost double to nearly 10%. if you own an electric car, you won't be spared. you will pay a $100 annual fee in 2020. by next years ago all car owners will pay an additional vehicle fee between $25 and $175 per vehicle. the man who created a new facebook game is shocked about how popular it has become. he works in music production. he says, he wrote a post asking friends to list ten concerts
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they have been to, it has to include one fake one. the friends have to guess which one is fake. he shared the post with friends and has since gone viral. >> it's pretty cool. i like it. in fact, i thought it was something fun to do. i think i did serve a purpose in some way. i just wanted to change something. i didn't think it would change it like this. >> he says he saw so many negative posts on facebook that he just wanted to come up with something fun for everyone. time now is 6:16. now this morning the state department of public health has confirmed the first human west nile case of the year in king's county about an hour south of fresno. the condition of the person is unknown at this time. the virus is spread to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito. people who are 50 or older and those with diabetes or high blood pressure have a higher chance of getting sick and are more likely to develop complications. tesla's ceo elon music apparently wants to be known as the boring guy. he seems quite serious about his
6:17 am
plan to drill underground. musk unveiled for concepts yesterday in this new futuristic like video. once under ground, it links into the zooming cars through tunnels at speeds up to 124 miles per hour. the company is apparently already digging a hole in the parking lot of the state's tesla office in l.a.. it's not clear when or if wide scale boring will get under way. this week, spacex has scheduled a rock launch with a mysterious pay load. muck's private space flight company is carrying something for the national reconnaissance office. spacex is also planning to ram the first stage of the rocket back at its cape canaveral launching pad. liftoff is scheduled for 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. saturday morning, we're waking up to a clear sky, breezy
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in the upper elevations. it's a light northerly breeze. >> that will replace the gusty winds. as we widen the view from live toper 7, you see a ridge of high pressure. that's protecting the bay area and the cloud cover going up and over the blocking ridge. that's allowed for some warming on the other side. so as we look outside, you can see very still here in the city, but the temperature at the lower elevations right here on the bay, 62 degrees. look at gilroy, 43, 57 in oakland. 55 in san jose, good morning to you. 50 on the coast. so north winds, those are allowing for the atmosphere to be well mixed and as the air descendings, it's pretty mild, here in santa cruz, it will be a beautiful day at the beach, 54 in nevada, 57 by the delta, upper 40s for concord and livermore with 46 in santa rosa, so where we were yesterday, much, much warmer today, anywhere from 8 to 18 degrees
6:19 am
warmer. this is where we have those 60s this morning, but even around mountain view and san jose, it is quite mild out there. from our east bay hills camera, it's a little breezy, anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour. well up above 2,000 feet. inland all week long for i should say the next five days, by the middle of the week wednesday, then it looks like the cooler pattern, which will be around average arrives first and friday. so take a look at where we should be this time of year, the middle column. the highs ranging from the low- to mid-70s to the low '80s. >> that takes us anywhere for about eight to fin degrees above average for the end of april. now, we do get rain in may and june, a little bit of it. not this week. we are looking at the temperatures climbing steadily each and every day for the week ahead in livermore, average high 72, should be 80 today with mid-80s arriving. we will have another wind shift
6:20 am
that will allow for offshore winds, near 90 by wednesday and the cooling gets under way thursday into friday. so highs in the south bay today, it will be warm, 78 degrees, 80 in morgan hill. in the peninsula, look for mid-70s, closer to the water, beautiful afternoon in menlo park. 79 there. san francisco 73. up in the north bay you will be enjoying those '80s or trying to find the shade. it will be pretty widespread from santa rosa to cal as to ga and over in the east bay, a nice afternoon for you, with mid- to upper-70s, for union city and fremont 79. look for 82 in concord, 81 in pleasanton. overnight tonight, we see the temperatures dropping at the 40s, coast side, low- to mid-50s around san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast, still 10 degrees above average the couple days of the week, near 90, inland tuesday and wednesday, the warmest weather we have seen all year
6:21 am
long, download our abc 7 news app. we will let you know if the wind coming into play the middle of the week will instigate any advisories. >> that could be possible. >> out of the '80s, though, it will be nice, lisa, thank you. just ahead, a nightmare in paradise, the luxury get
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>> welcome back. everyone, legislation is moving
6:24 am
through san francisco that would regulate power in most homes. some people are worried it could be a setup for >> they are taking you around the solar installation at his southern california home. >> i can climb up. you can actually get a closeup. >> reporter: he showed me his power system. he was excited to get it installed. now he is up and running, he is unhappy with the results. >> i paid $25,000 and i still haven't choked off -- inaudible inaudible. >> reporter: most buyers seem to be happy, not all are thrilled. sometimes expectations exceed the reality of what has been in store. he heads up the federation of california. >> company versus to make sure your home system is equipped and they stand behind that guarantee
6:25 am
when they provide the power. >> reporter: the consumer federation says they regulate with guarantees of how much power will be proud and with transparent contracts, offering verified numbers, similar to the gas mileage stickers that come with each few car. he says this is sple important now the state of california is ready to follow san francisco by mandating solar installations on most new residential and commercial projects. >> if the government requires you to buy a product or service, then i have have to regulate it to protect consumers president if abuse that may otherwise occur. >> reporter: california requires we buy car insurance then regulates that industry to be sure we're not ripped off. now, the consumer federation also watched the costs and payments spelled out in advance of the installation. >> it might take 15, 18, 20 years to pay it off.
6:26 am
but let's make sewer you know that and it should also have very clear information about any encumbrance it places on your title, your owner scholarship of that property. >> reporter: right now, there is no legislation moving through sacramento that would require new rules be written or followed. >> people who paid thousands of dollars to go to a luxury music festival in the bahamas this weekend found no luxury and no music. at the fyre festival, instead of posh beachside accommodations, they were put into disaster relief tents with no electricity or running water. organizers cancelled because of circumstances beyond their control. festival co-founder rapper ja rule claims that everyone will get a refund. first to come on abc 7 morning, 100 days in the oval office, why president trump says they are just about the most successful in u.s. history. also, $100 million in
6:27 am
damage, thousands evacuated, months later, there is talk of how to prevent a
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he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee. it's great to have you with us, i'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half hour a. quick look at the weather.
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lisa argent is tracking the conditions. >> good morning, everyone. here's a look at our east bay hills camera. this morning it's about the upper elevation wind. that's why we are seeing wide ranging temperatures from san francisco, 52, 67 in oakland but we're 50 at half moon bay, 43 in gilroy, that's due to that wind. as it drains from the upper elevations, it gets cool. you can see that at 46 santa rosa. down the road, though in napa, 63 degrees. so the wednesday are dialing back. it will be a gentle breeze this afternoon, that will allow the numbers to climb. upper 50s to the upper 60s noontime. we got '80s in our inland vaelsz, chris. president trump has reached a milestone.
6:31 am
today marks his 100th day in office. karen tra vers has more on the president's picks and misses. >> reporter: it's a mixed bag for the trump administration at the 100 day mark. some hits, some misses. but one thing is clear, after campaigning for the white house on his terms, president trump is still doing things his way and shaking up washington. the white house considers one of its top accomplishments, the nomination and confirmation of neil gorsuch. >> i can say, this is a great honor. and i got it done in the first 10days. that's even nice. you think that's easy? >> reporter: administration officials insist, there have been a flurry of activity, nearly three dozen executive orders, including one restarting the xl pipeline. another to beef up border security that. missile strike on syria earlier this month arc quick response from the president after he was
6:32 am
deeply impacted by the assad regime's capital attack. >> it was a slow and brutal death for so many.many. these were beautiful babies, they were cruelly murdered in this very dark attack. >> reporter: but white house officials universally agree, the republican plan to repeal and replace obama compare was a tough setback. >> i'm so disappointed. i'm a little surprised to be honest with you. >> reporter: but there is also the president's controversial travel ban, a key part of the platform. the first version quickly blocked if federal court, later withdrawn. also blocked if federal court. >> immigration is a privilege, not a right. and the safety of our citizens must always come first, without question. >> reporter: and there is the ongoing staff turmoil. president trump firing his
6:33 am
national security adviser michael flynn after 23 days on the job. frequent headlines about infighting in the west wing and arriving influence and expanding portfolios of the president's daughter ivanka and son if law jared kushner. a candid president trump said this week in an interview, he thought this work would be easier. for the next 100 day, expect the administration to tackle opioid addiction, negotiating tax reform and continuing to push for his repeople of obamacare. >> president trump says he believes his first 100 days has brought profound change to washington. in his weekly address the president says the first 14 weeks has been just about the most successful in our country's history. he talked about how his administration is bringing jobs back and how they are clanging the relationship between the people and the government. >> this lab the work of my administration, fighting for the american worker, defending the
6:34 am
rule of law, and returning the power to the american people. perhaps the great effort change of all is the renewal of the american spirit. >> the president also talks about how his administration is the first in the modern political era to confirm a supreme court justice in the first 100 day, he says the last time it happened 136 years ago in 1881. congress narrowly avertd a shut down. it passed a measure to keep it going for the next week. lawmakers need to sort out a spending bill to keep it moving along through september. 6:34. our slimmed down glitzy white house correspondent dinner will take place tonight. it will be the first time in 36 years the president of the united states will not attend. a muslim comedian from "the daily show" will host the affair. it will be considerably smaller crowds with several news
6:35 am
organizations declining to attend. two months ago, president trump abruptly tweeted he would not be going. instead, he plans to hold a big rally with supporters in pennsylvania. happening today the city of san francisco will commemorate and celebrate the civil rights leader cesar chavez, united farm workers fight for social and economic justice. today the community will hold its annual ceasar chavez parade and festival. there will be music, dancing, and arts and crafts for the family. it starts at 19th and delors. for the first time since the floods in san jose. they met with the santa clara water district. they discussed ways to prevent another catastrophe from hang. many residents are running out of patience. >> reporter: it's been more than two months since flooding over president's weekend forced thousands to flee their homes. >> i though there are a lot of people suffering right now. they're very afraid. >> reporter: the flooding in february caused nearly $100
6:36 am
million in damage. >> that worries many people who wonder if there could be a repeat. >> i lived through three floods back in the 1980s t. fact that they are still saying there are bureaucratic hurdles. regulatory hurdles. they've had so much time to figure this out. >> reporter: in a joint meeting between the council and santa clara water district. both sides agreed to create an emergency action plan to define flood threats by stages and outline when warnings should be issued to residents and businesses. >> it's critical we get real improvements in place so we are prepared for the next wet season. i no at the teams will work together when that happens. >> reporter: one of the focuses includes the removal of vegetation to ensure there is channel capacity for future storms t. water district says it will try to get the necessary permits to gain access to certain areas of the creek, which are currently off limits. city officials will also help with applying for federal state
6:37 am
and funding. >> reporter: this was the worst by far. >> reporter: residents hoping the two sides get their act together for the good of this community. the city council and the water district have hired an independent after action report due by may 24th. lots of business to do in sunnyveil, it may have to wait. city strikers are going on strike monday. they said over 98% of its members voted in favor of the job action. the strike involved about 450 of sunnyvale's 900 workers, including librarians and park employees. union leaders want a 17% raise to keep up with silicon valley's high cost of living t. city has only offered 10%. happening today the u.s. drug enforcement administration is sponsoring the 13ing annual national prescription drug take back day. it's held each year to help bem people get rid of unwanted prescription drugs.
6:38 am
bay area agencies have sites at 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.. still ahead on abc 7 morning, imagine a plane that tensions form into a star, lounge or cafeteria. well it's not just in your imagination, it's a few reality can you test out at the manetta san jose airport. first here's a look outside from our east bay hill camera. the sun is out. the camera is shaking a bit. we will check in with lisa to get that ful
6:39 am
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>> welcome back, everyone, the time is 6:41. we now know a little more about those newborn falcons atop san jose city hall. the falcons and one male falcon a. biologist from uc santa cruz repelled down the billing to the nest yesterday morning to find out their genders. the city says it will release more information and video at a later date. our lisa argent is here. it is sure shaping up to be a beautiful day out there. >> yes. we are getting set for warmer weather. we have been doing that warm-up steadily. a live look outside our camera, 61 degrees in san francisco. yes, it is very mild. if you are in portions of our easter bay, look at fremont, it's 47, 46 in santa rosa.
6:42 am
>> that all has to do with the winds descending from the upper elevations. putting it altogether for you, my 7-day forecast coming up next. also ahead, a first week for christian arroyo. he delivers in the clutch once
6:43 am
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welcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx >> good morning, everyone. we are taking a live look
6:45 am
outside from our santa cruz camera. lisa argent returns with a full look at our forecast oakland is in houston, trying to snap a five-game losing streak. tonight matt cain takes to the giants i mound. first pitch is at.'05 last night. here's abc 7 sports director larry biel with more on when a mad run is expected to be back. >> good morning, everybody, the news on madison bumgaertner is not great. the giants' star pitcher has ataon his ac joint at least he won't need surgery. the hackman, jeffrey leonard at the game. think about him pitch hitting
6:46 am
the way the office has been going, connor gillespie 2-o, two home runs in the first inning. he had a no hitter until ryan hit his first homer in center field. that tied it at 2. 3-3 in the 8th. the new baby faced assassin in these parts gone! mark little lan son with the save t. giants win it. as and astros cannot deal with orbit'sslides slight of hand. top of the 1st, two on for chris davis. >> that is his slight of hand as up. in the third, it's davis again solo bomb, his 9th of the year. astros come ba two on for ryan healey deep to right.
6:47 am
do you remember spiderman? yes, josh reddick face full of wall. makes the catch, healey in shock. the as lose 9-4. so a rough stretch for them. the nfl draft continued on friday. davis webb was taken late in the third round. we figure wev has a night arm. you'd have to go to a team with an established qb to learn. giants eli manning seems like an interesting fit. best celebration maybe ever by a drafted player. usc's juj juj juj juj juj juj jj got picked he went straight to the beach. jumped in the watt and savoring the moment in style. the warriors are waiting to see who they play in round two of the playoffs.
6:48 am
they will have to wait a little longer the clips are still alive. game six in salt lake city. fourth quarter, driving t hoop. 29 clips were up by nine and then paul drives, austin rivers made big shots late steve boma, i love it. clips will clip. they almost fold, gordon hayward for his fading. here come the jazz, final seconds, jazz down 3. joe johnson for a high, off the mark. doc rivers and game hold on. game seven at home. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody, i'm larry biel. >> good morning to you, up early to get a jump start on a beautiful day. live doppler 7 working overtime to find any cloud cover out of the satellite picture. overloaded on top of the radar
6:49 am
to show that you we don't have anything going on, except a big dome of high pressure protecting us. there is what has gone up and over the vij ridge. it's the cloud cover. in fact, look at this beautiful shot downtown san francisco, it's been running mild, in the low 60s, 67 in oakland. it's 43 if gilroy and 52 half moon bay. where you do have a breeze, it's been a gentle breeze. >> that mixing has allowed for some of the cooler air or warmer readings to drain from some of our valleys, santa rosa 46. you head over to napa, 50 in gentlemen. 57 fairfield, upper 40s concord and livermore. it's been a little cool, overall, the trend the 24 hour change from yesterday to this morning has really allowed for the temperatures to warm up especially in napa. five degrees warmer in mound
6:50 am
dane view and san jose. the trend will only be getting warmer, pell above normal. we will already be above normal today. summer-like heat arriving early next week. >> that will bring us up to 15 degrees above average and a cooler pattern taking shape by the end of the week. we get rain in may and june. none in the seven-day outlook. things could change beyond that. the temperature trend today allows for numbers to be warmer than your mid-60s for the city. how about 73? 82 for you in concord, 83 in santa rosa and san jose about 80. here's tomorrow, through sunday afternoon, very little change. with we see more of a west wend t. northerly winds cut off. some members on the peninsula and the coast could be a couple degrees cooler. then look what happens on monday. we gin to decline it allows for another wind shift. as a result, temperatures worm through the mid and upper '80s
6:51 am
enjoy today on the peninsula should be beautiful. the south bay upper 70s, you got low '80s in gilroy. 80 in morgan hill. in the north bay. wow. it's going to be warm and santa rosa 83. 78 union city. castro valley upper 70s, 82 in concord, if you are headed into the city, tonight, mid-60s to start off, dropping into the upper 50s, sun sets right before 8:00 t. 7-day forecast a. string of average temperatures. download it at abc 7 news app. you can track the winds, cool us off beyond that. >> warmth has arrived. lisa, thanks, for bringing it. all right, no one likes sitting for hours on a long flight t. possibility of an inflight workout and a cocktail lounge
6:52 am
could give passengers reason to get out of their seats. abcp news reportser david louie shows us a new concept that is creating buzz at san jose international airport. passenger have a choice of airlines. airlines soon could have a choice for customers. a working prototype is on display at san jose international. it's one of several contests studied by aircraft maker airbus. >> we are currently looking at longer haul flights. with ethis i the longer the flights, the more you are interested in specific activities. >> reporter: they are testingio dpa mats, resistance bands and stationary bikes. a study is being done on modules with self service food, creating work spaces and providing areas to socialize t. modules are designed to expand features as demand grows or to swap them out for others. feedback from passengers will be factored from. she's hooked on the idea of
6:53 am
working out on a long flight. >> i think it's healthier. i love the idea how toous a yoga matt. so you can stretch out. it's really important. >> reporter: almost anything is possible. >> it always seems to come up and that seems like really interesting like, what would it take to be able to do that? >> reporter: airfares go up to offer these features. these modules could be available as soon as a couple years from now. this might be the ultimate location to do field research. simply people are thinking about their flight experience. next, giving out assists. how the wife of a warrior
6:54 am
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6:56 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's megamillions drawing. 6, 13, eastern, 20, 31, meganumber 13. one ticket purchased at a la zboon na hills 7-eleven matched all six numbers. tuesday night's jackpot resets to $15 million, hang today,toda, leslie west wife of david west, from the warriors, she has been giving away prom dresses for 13 years, in whatever city west is
6:57 am
playing in. this year's dressed by west is being held from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. any student in oakland is eligible to get a dress. you just have to register on the website. always great to see athletes and their families giving back to the family. >> we check out this, i want to explain what's going on. we have the highs today, and then the averages, so whenever will be well above average. 76 in oakland. 73 in san francisco '80s in napa, livermore, near that in redwood city. maybe more of a west wind, the heat gets cranked up more so into the middle of the week. could be gusty around here. many will cool off to more average readings. it will take all week to get
6:58 am
there. hopefully you can enjoy it, find some shade. >> a great morning to get out and get that exercise. >> i agree. >> thanks to you for joining us. i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argent t. news continues "good morning america" is next. see you at 8:00 a.m..
6:59 am
what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup.
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green mountain coffee. good morning, america. this morning, 100 days. donald trump's milestone. >> the first 100 days of my administration has been just about the most successful in our country's history. >> what he's accomplished -- >> i, neil m. gorsuch -- >> -- and the battles that lie ahead. [ build a wall ] >> we'll build a wall. don't even think about it. plus a road trip to a key battleground state. voters handing out their progress reports. failed launch, north korea's missile test. a short to medium-range weapon breaking up just minutes after takeoff. tensions between washington and pyongyang ratcheted even higher. our bob woodruff in neighboring south korea with the mood on the ground. massive manhunt, an attempted cop killer with a 100-year prison term now on the run.


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